Leaving 'Bula

by Miniature Philosopher

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eamon something about miniature philosopher's singing or lyrics just make his voice feel really familiar, friendly-but distant, gelling well with the themes of awkward loneliness of moving away on this ep. Favorite track: Leaving 'Bula.
Caleb Clemente
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Caleb Clemente Beautiful songs of longing and woe. Favorite track: Swimming in Lake Eerie.
Supermash thumbnail
Supermash Appealing and approachable this album deceptively defies its complexities. Subsequent listening begins to reveal its true depth and character. Beautifully crafted lyrics and mood set the stage for a strikingly earnest and compelling small story of being young and searching for answers. 'Swimming in Lake Eerie" is a flat out one of the more beautiful songs I've heard. Favorite track: Swimming in Lake Eerie.
Hayden Fisher
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Hayden Fisher I tried to type up an educated review of this but it ended up sounding cliche and completely contrived. In a phrase, this is fucking awesome. And it's exceedingly hard to pick a favorite tune. Favorite track: Swimming in Lake Eerie.
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A short story about a guy named Casey Seaver who lives in Ashtabula, OH. Casey Seaver installs light fixtures for a living and likes cheap vodka/Newports (not the menthol kind). He likes to binge watch romance movies until the sun rises but this is something he won't admit to. He drives a 2002 Jeep Cherokee and one day he decides to drive it to California and never come back.


released June 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Miniature Philosopher Worcester, Massachusetts

stupid kid with a yamaha keyboard and a guitar


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Track Name: Not Coming Back
i woke up last night but i couldn't move
and in the dark saw a shape in the room
it said "pack your bags baby we're going away"
but i came to my senses watched it dissipate

well i don't want to be lonely when city lights fall
oh, there's not much to do here but let's do it all
we could get really fucked up or go to the mall
or just look through our contacts find no-one to call

and oh mr. coroner don't wake me up
in my dreams i drive west in a big coffee cup
i dreamed i tossed my phone and packed all my bags
and said "fuck ashtabula, i'm not coming back"
Track Name: Getting Ruby
i've got a fresh handle of ruby
i said i wouldn't drink but i can't sleep
my head always keeps me from peace

projector stutters on scenes of your face
and death and disgrace when you're not around
boy it really gets me down

hey man i wanna tell you how i'm feeling
maybe in a letter or in a song
but i'm scared it will come out wrong
like it always does

i'm sick of fucking up
Track Name: Blasting Springsteen
i drove home with the windows down
blasting springsteen
i didn't know you could be more than a daydream

i took a wrong turn on pound hill road but i swallowed all
the backroads home, and butterflies filled my heart and filled my eyes

that was my first kiss, i lied about my lips,
i'm a quiet kid, who can't think of things to say when he has feelings
i can't work cos i keep dreaming of stars where everything
isn't so different

i drove home with the windows down
blasting springsteen
ripping butts in my father's SUV

i know that night was 10 years ago
but you still make me feel weird at shows
so i'll talk real loud
when i mean soft things
you'll never know
Track Name: Swimming in Lake Eerie
ashtabula in september
the water is so cold
but you're near me and our hands hold
i don't think i'm growing old

take your time love, on shore there are bugs
and more kids who are just like us

but alone here above the lake bed
this is as good as it gets

oh lake eerie in september
the shoreline is so rough
but its pretty
where we made our plans to leave
before we both grew up
Track Name: Leaving 'Bula
you smoke cigarettes but your boyfriend's straight edge
it doesn't quite fit just like mom's wedding dress
now you're blowing K in the seat of my car
i wish that i could take you far

i found a gun in my dad's dresser drawer
but i am not sure what i will use it for
if i could find peace in a package store bag
i don't think i'd ever come back

so i'm going back west
because i don't want what's best for me
i just wanna drink until i fall asleep

if i was smart which i really am not
i'd leave you a voicemail of words i forgot
but i found my peace in a tank full of gas
so 'bula i'm not coming back
i'm sorry i'm not coming back