Field 106 Blues

by Miniature Philosopher

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the first two tracks were recorded on an iPhone


released March 17, 2005



all rights reserved


Miniature Philosopher Worcester, Massachusetts

stupid kid with a yamaha keyboard and a guitar


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Track Name: Field 106 Blues
ounces flown in from oregon
you're slinging lots of tree
danny's got a good thing going
in leach 103

you escaped your parents' house
found love with emily
danny's got a good thing going
in leach 103

and i can't say that you weren't warned
when you got evicted from your dorm
they said that you made noise a lot
and that you smoked a lot of pot

things are ok in the new dorm
you made a lot more friends
but emily's across the campus
from field 106
from field 106
from field 106
Track Name: Elvis in the Trenches
In January 1956, Presley turned twenty-one years old. Like most American men of that age, he was now eligible to be drafted.

bad things coming in the morn
when the angels blow their horn
i'm gonna sleep before the storm
shine my boots and uniform

give me something to believe
something that's much bigger than me
i hope i find it in my sleep
before it has its way with me

a thousand bodies in the sun
they'll shoot you if you try to run
you know i don't mind dying young
but only if i'm having fun

cause god i'm scared of what i've done
i wanna throw away my gun
don't wanna see the rising sun
i want to die before it comes
Track Name: Hospital
when i got the call from the doctor's office i didn't know what to do
i made a pot of coffee cause i was too scared to see you
and i watched some detective show for way way way too long
and i read through all our love letters and listened to our songs
and i thought "boy it is so pretty"
why did it have to end
up in this stupid community
i wanna do it all again
and i wish we did

when i got to the hospital i cried into your hair
renouncing all my little words and promising i cared
and i wish we could whisper
like we used to do in bed
but we're too upset
Track Name: Casey Seaver vs Satan
deleted unfinished track from leaving bula

i don't want to get dressed
i want to stay inside
with all of the shame i've been churning around in my mind

i don't want to breathe in
the rancid air
oh well? who cares

cause every city's lights look just the same
buzzing like mosquitos in my brain
i was planning my escape
for florida or the cape
but the whole world looks like bula anyway

i don't celebrate sunday
or jesus christ
i was in a chasm without god
for the first time in my life
and so i'm tired to trying to be righteous
or holy
or stand up for some kind of cause
i just wanna find some peace of mind
in a stupid franzia box

well julian knows best but he's going west
to toss his paper planes
and john is on the phone with some guy who knows
what it's like to feel real pain
my friends all moved around
but i'm hanging around
this dirty little husk of a town
oh well

cause every city's lights look just the same
buzzing like mosquitos in my brain
so i'm hanging round east
666 hail the beast
the whole world looks like bula anyways
Track Name: Til Death Do Us Part
i'll wait a thousand years or so
for you to come home or me to let go
i'll let the polar ice caps melt
i'll wait until we burn in hell

i'll throw a frisbee in our yard
play fetch or teach tricks to our dog
i'll build a treehouse or a porch
where we could hang out when you return

cause the drug dens way up high
and the strip clubs where you fly
and that casino in the sky
was not made for you or i

i'll wait until we go extinct
until the world's a big ice rink
until i find it in myself
to go and meet you down in hell